Plata Lab Statement on Inclusivity:

We renounce racism and discrimination in all forms. Desiree values individuals’ contributions to our community, as well as our science and engineering. In the Plata Lab, all individuals are expected to treat others with respect and courtesy, irrespective of such factors as race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, age, or national origin. Desiree seeks to cultivate an overall climate in which every person feels welcome, respected, and are able to develop to his/her/their full potential, thereby creating a community that can do the same.

Current Lab Members

Desiree Plata

Gilbert W. Winslow Career Development Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

(Plata Bio & CV)
Nina Jankovic

Ph.D. Candidate

(Jankovic CV)
Rebecca Brenneis

Ph.D. Candidate

Eric Johnson

Ph.D. Candidate

Yunpo Li

Ph.D. Candidate

(Li CV)
Nicolette Anna Bugher

Ph.D. Student

Kristen Anna Riedinger

Ph.D. Student

(Riedinger CV)
Omar Tantawi

Ph.D. Student

(Tantawi CV)
Barathkumar Baskaran

Ph.D. Student

Elijah Evans Martin

Ph.D. Student

Leaders for Global Operations Students

Mariko Ogawa

Undergrad Researchers

Audrey Parker
Chantaly Villalona
Runako I Gentles
Lai Wa Chu


Andrew Sumner, Ph.D

Scientist at Exponent, Inc.

Michael Giannetto, Ph.D

Projects Manager at Fedcap Group

Brian Drollette, Ph.D

Senior Scientist at Exponent, Inc.

Osman Karatum, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Florida Gulf Coast University

Megan O’Connor, Ph.D

CEO of Nth Cycle, LLC

Glen Andrew D. de Vera

Chemical/Environmental Engineer for Active Learning Labs at Harvard

Boya Xiong

Assistant Professor of Department of Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering at University of Minnesota

Wenbo Shi

Riley Coulthard

Vittorio Albergamo

Undergrad Alumni

Lane To
Juliet N Liao
Anna Mahony
Emma D'Ambro, Ph.D

Chemist, US EPA Office of Research and Development

Hannah M Spilman
Nick Hoffman
Lukas Glist

Carnegie Mellon University

Andrew Kurth, High School Research Assistant

Cornell University

Nathalie Thelemaque, MSRP

University of Florida

2019 MSRP Highlight Video
Priya A Moncrieffe
Kathleen R Bailey
Stacy Godfreey-Igwe